Friday, February 25, 2011

Bread Box Makeover

I love vintage wooden bread boxes and the upcycling possibilities are endless. This box was a yard sale find that was in good shape, but needed a cosmetic makeover.

I decided to try some decoupage on the box. Since I knew the finished project was for my teenage daughter I wanted to try something upbeat. Somehow from that I got the idea to cover the box completely in words from magazines. I clipped and clipped and clipped finding a combination of fonts, colors and size.

I carefully layered the clippings trying to cover all the bare wood that would show when the door was closed. It was time-consuming, but very rewarding. I used watered down Elmer's glue for my decoupage medium. Once the piece was completely dry I used a water based sealer. I really love the way it turned out and more importantly my daughter loved it as well. She uses the recycled bread box to store her video games. Not only are the games a perfect fit, but the finished piece fits her teenage room decor nicely.

Have a great week, and remember to:
Recycle, Reimagine, Repurpose, Reuse.
Until Next Time......

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  1. ooh thats great. You must have been clipping for weeks. it looks very special


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