Monday, March 22, 2010

Meet Aunt Agnus

Happy Monday Everyone. Today we have a special guest with us. I am happy to introduce Aunt Agnus to you. It is amazing what you can do with an old pair of panty hose. To make Aunt Agnus was a challenge. I started by hunting down clothing for her. I wanted the perfect suit, gloves, purse and hat.

Next she needed the perfect shoes.

Once I had all my supplies I started on her head. Using an old pair of nylons I stuffed away until I had something similar to the shape of a head. Next was the hardest part, her face. I had to keep starting over, but with practice I finally made a face. The hairdo was fun, I laid stuffing out on cardboard and spray painted it silver. Then I attached it to her head for hair and added some to her face for eyebrows.

The hands were not hard at all. I just stuffed an old pair of gloves.

I posed her hands around her purse. Aunt Agnus always has her purse on her lap. I wonder what she has it there that is so important??? It certainly isn't money.

Her legs and ankles were a bit difficult, but I just kept playing with them until I finally had a pair I liked. I wanted her ankles to be swollen and puffy for an authentic look.

The kids think she is creepy, but I like her. Since her torso is just pillows I can put her in a box when I am sick of her. When I get lonely I bring her back out and set her up for another visit. I sometimes forget she is visiting and am startled to walk in the living room and find her sitting in her chair. I have to go now, Aunt Agnus is calling. If she keeps this up I will be cutting her visit short.

Have a great week.

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  1. That is awesome. What a hilarious post. It's always good to have someone visiting so you don't get accused of talking to yourself, "just talking to Aunt Agnus". And the face looks very real, you did a great job.

  2. How funny! You really did an awesome job on her face. I've seen sculpted dolls and have wondered if I could do it--You know she would be so fun on a float in a parade with some of her friends.

  3. This is amazing - a truly fantastic sculpture!!!

  4. Aunt Agnus looks fantastic. So real looking. She could easily fool you if you were standing behind her.

  5. Love Aunt Agnus!
    She's a Hoot!
    Thank you for sharing!


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