Monday, March 15, 2010

Circuit Board Birdhouse

Happy Monday Everyone... All the snow in my yard has melted. Yippee.... In celebration I am sharing a circuit board birdhouse.

I started with a thrift store birdhouse. My son helped me dismantle an old satellite receiver box and salvage the circuit board. I traced the birdhouse front, back and sides on a piece of paper to get my pattern. I taped my pattern on the circuit board and cut out all my pieces and glued them to the birdhouse. After the glue had dried completely, I taped all edges with copper foil tape. Finally, I used my trusty (not) soldering gun and soldered all edges. My soldering skills are sad, but with practice I think this could be a really cool project...

Recycle, Reimagine, Repurpose, Reuse...............

Have a great week...

Keep On Junking


  1. this is different :D i save stuff like this myself, and i never know what i'm going to use it for. this is a great idea :D

  2. How original---this is great!! I love the electronic stuff too. My son and I took apart a few keyboards from the recycling center but haven't done anything with the parts as of yet.

  3. very cool, I've seen a clock before, but never this. You know I like to use old computers, too. You do great stuff! Lezlee


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