Friday, February 5, 2010


Kids, you gotta love em. No, really, I read somewhere that you are required to love your children. I love my kids, most days. Okay, Okay, just kidding. I love my kids every day. Having children has been the most demanding, terrifying, yet rewarding experience of my life. Demanding because I am overwhelmed with the day to day struggles. Terrifying because I age five years every time they are hurt or sick. Rewarding because I am overjoyed when they succeed... So many things change when you have kids. Like did you ever wonder what happened to all your stuff. All the things that have come up missing over the years. Let's use silverware as one example. A very long time ago, before kids, you know you had a full set of bright shinny silverware. One day you just happen to realize you are missing one spoon. Well, isn't that the strangest thing. I mean how do you lose a spoon? After a while, you notice a few more spoons are missing and a fork as well. By this time you really don't find it unusual. As parents you are slowly becoming accustomed to the fact that everything you own has depreciated since the kids came along. You are well-aware that by the time they are grown and gone you will be lucky to salvage any of your beloved treasures. My best guess, my missing silverware is most likely buried out in my yard somewhere... Have you ever been dusting (something I avoid as much as possible) and pick up your prized possession only to have it crumble in your hands? You instantly wonder "when" did this happen, and "who" did this? If your dusting schedule is done on a regular basis you can narrow down the "when" rather quickly. If your dusting schedule is like my schedule you might as well forget the "when" and concentrate on the "who". Good Luck with that. Let me know how it turns out for you. My personal favorite is "Yeah, I am pretty sure Dad broke it"... I can't begin to tell you how many times I have explained to them that the microwave is not self-cleaning. To please hang up their coat, pick up their clothes and take care of their dishes... We sure thought we had it made the year we gave them cell phones for Christmas. Oh boy, now we've got them. Finally, something to hold over their heads. We had the power back. Or so we thought. I very quickly realized giving them a cell phone gave me peace of mind. I only punished myself by taking away their phones. Naturally the kids figured this out as well. Our master plan and new found parenting tool faded away... Oh, and those teen years. What fun. When I say fun I mean fun like a scary carnival ride that last way too long... They push and push and then it happens. That golden moment of parenthood when you realize you just recited a phrase your mother used to say. Yeah, you know, the one you vowed you would never say to your children. Yikes! You begin to wonder "What has happened to me and when did I become my mother"? Funny how things change. How many times have you said: "I WILL NEVER,"or: "MY KIDS WILL NEVER," only to find out you were wrong. Yes, having children is like a circus most days, but I can't imagine life without them. Kids, you gotta love em.


My oldest is 29 years old. He is extremely intelligent with a sarcastic sense of humor.

Next is my 27 year old. She is very beautiful and exceptionally talented.

Next is my 16 year old. He is the artist of the family and my most respected critic.

Finally, we have my 14 year old. The apple of my eye. She is and always will be my baby...

And I love them all very much...

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  1. Oh Nora,
    Precious story! It is amazing how well our children turn spite of us! he he!!
    I am very proud and love mine to pieces too.
    smile, alice
    thanks for stopping by!!!!


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