Friday, January 22, 2010


This morning I decided to inventory some of my junk. I started looking in my favorite stash places around the house. What an adventure. I very soon discovered I have shoved junk in every little nook and cranny my house has. My barn and garage are both at their maximum capacity. I have boxes under my bed. My closets are overflowing. I even have stuff hidden behind my couch. My poor son will probably never be able to use his top bunk again since I have it loaded up with boxes. In my despair I started to wonder, "what is it about repurposing and recycling that intrigues me the most"? Is it taking some poor unwanted discarded item and giving it new life for someone else to love? While I do find this transformation rewarding I know there is more to this madness. After pondering the subject awhile, it occurred to me it is the thrill of the hunt. Yep, I am so addicted to the hunt and the collecting I sometimes forget what this is all about. I have enough dishes to host a dinner party for at least one-hundred people. Zippers, I don't know what it is about zippers, but I have a drawer stuffed full of them. I collect windows, scales, coffee pots, lamps, jewelry, fabric, books, magazines, bottles, neckties, hardware, baskets, purses, ladders, furniture and the list goes on and on. I get a thrill out of hunting down and collecting all of this stuff. Before this craziness began I was so organized. Now, well by the time I find what I was looking for I forget why I wanted it. Yet, I know there is no possible way out. I am doomed to a life of hauling home every thrift store, garage sale and curbside cast-off I can find. I could never give it all up. I have come to the conclusion that organization is overrated.

Keep On Junking


  1. Amen! Your list is identical to mine. I love it all.

  2. Nora, You sound so much like me! It's so good to know I'm not the only one. Right now the trunk of my car is full of wonderful handpainted china plates, cut glass pieces, old books, etc that I got at an estate sale. 50% off everything today - Woohoo! It's always a thrill to find a haul of treasures among all the junk. Of course, what I consider junk is someone else's treasure!

    I love your last line about organization being overrated, because I don't think I'll ever "get there"...I keep getting sidetracked by buying more stuff!


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